Rejuvenation without surgery


The facial radiofrequency is a technology that allows the facial rejuvenation without surgery, this treatments kind is one of methods by excelence that currently exists.

It consists in a team that releases a electric wave (micro impulses) and increases deep temperature in treated skin zone, it makes our body believes that there is a agression in heated area, the body response is to send all the own regenerating elements to zone, doing tissues rejuvenation naturally. Generating collagen with quality similar to our youth is gotten through usage of this new technology so the searched lifting effect is gotten.

Treatments for preventing and correcting the brands of aging could be applied without surgery through radio frequency.

The main facial rafiofrequency effects are: smoother and firmer skin, higher & more turgid cheeks, firmness and definition in face, smoothing for wrinkles and expression lines, decreased nasolabial folds, decreased dewlap, decreased eye bags, decreased dark circles, elevated brows, firmer eyelids, relaxed face and refreshed face.