Weight loss control

It is never too late to lose weight!


- Weekly treatment since $27 dlls.

- With our plain you lose: weight, sizes and body fat.

- Special care for patient with chronic diseases as:

• Arterial hypertension
• Hypothyroidism
• Diabetes
• Cholesterol and triglycerides.

It also applies for:

• Pregnant
• Children longer than 12 years old.

- We use natural medicine

- You can lose since 10 to 15 pounds per month.

How does the treatment work?

1. Patient interview
2. Anthropometric evaluation
3. Diagnostic
4. Treatment
5. Monitoring
6. Maintenance

It is a weight control program which consists on a perfectly balanced food guide according your weight.

-Medicine is prescribed to:

• Burn fat
• Reduce anxiety and appetite
• Remove toxins
• Speed up the digestion

And it is completed with:

• Sugar substitute
• Reductive gel
• Contouring soap
• Help cookbook
• Smoothies