Body radiofrequency


What is radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency is a technique that restores the skin texture, sagging and volume, stimulates the fibroblasts through intradermic heat and gets colagen regeneration, improves the tissues and skin elasticity. It allows to cross dermis without damage it and allows to access to the deepiest skin layers getting a young effect.

Circulation for zone to treat is activated, lymphatic system and arteriovenous system, lymphatic drainage increases and vascularization.

The treatment goal is the prevention and correction to produce tensor visible effect since first session.

What is the body frequency?

With the passage of time naturally the things wears. The same occurs to our skin, after 30 years tension is lost because the collagen starts to decrease so it causes body changes that could be as bad as sagging and wrinkles. For avoiding this and don't expose yourself to an invasive treatment we will tell you the corporal radiofrequency funcionality.

The body radiofrequency is an treatment option that repairs the sagging and wrinkles, restoring skin texture and volume. Collagen can be generated through fibroblasts stimulation and this is the responsable for firming your skin.

The body radiofrequency treatment provides heat to middle layer of skin and the collagen that is located on own intern layer is reactivated. Through this action a visible firming effect, immediate, improving tone and texture of treated zone is gotten.

The body radiofrequency therapy is landed by a system generates energetic waves with cold & hot tempertures, through little constant massages to get a gradual heating. During the session the main goal is to reactive the collagen circulation in the skin, reach deep layer of the dermis, subcutaneous cell tissue and the fat is possible by the emmited waves.

The body radiofrequency will work in your body by two ways:
  • As we told you before, activating and stimulating the existent collagen in your body.
  • Producing new collagen.
The body radiofrequency will help to firming different body zones:
  • The cellulitis.
  • Decreasing sagging produced by age, weight lost or weight gain and the pregnancy.
  • Firming arms and abs.
  • Keeping your figure.

The treatment duration depends on affected status of zone to treat. The time for arms session and abs is around 20 and 30 minutes and for bigger zones as thighs it can need to 40 minutes per session.

The sessions that you must be submitted in the body radiofrecuency treatment will be around 8 and 12 with a interval for 1 or 2 times per week per session, this is going to be decided by specialist you have chosen to start the process for regenerate the firmness of skin.

You must remember any treatment needs a healthy diet. We recommend to consume high liquid quantity before and after treatment and you must complement it with constant excercise. Pamper and look good is just a gift to enjoy every day.