IPL Photoepilation


Our systems combine IPL technology with radiofrequency. This combination allows us to be effective unlike other systems, this new system is named e-light.

This new system uses RF as start energy, it consists in a controlled emision of electromagnetic waves that produce a temperature increase in the tissues. With this technology there are not problems derived of hair pigmentation neither of skin because these are not used as energy transmisor.

Once produced the temperature increase in the tissues to be treat through RF, a considerably lower amount of light energy is required. The waves converted in heat go down since the shaft to the follicle therefore the cells are coagulated and are removed.

Use e-light systems is a faster and definitive way to remove hair.

Other differences between this systems and traditionals, besides to work over any skin type is that done treatments with IPL+RF machines result totally painless, thanks to sub-cold system gets the cold anesthesia grade so this cooling mechanism protects totally skin before to send energy.


How many sessions are needed to remove the hair?

The number of sessions depends on skin type, color, density, zone to treat, the method you was using to epilate, skin sensibility and the answer of your organism for the treatment.

Each hair has a different growing cycle, this means that in the skin there are always follicles that are in growing phase(anagen phase), in repose phase (telogen phase) and in transition phase (catagen phase).

In each session the hairs in anagen phase are removed because these are in contact with hair growth zone and to stop the growth, this zone has to be destroyed.

During the session, many from the miles of follicles will not be in anagen phase but these will change phase and will be treated in future sessions.

Generally through our systems from 8 to 12 sessions are usually needed to get wished results.

How long time does a session?

The session time depends on zone to treat..

To have an idea, an armpits session can take 10 minutes while a full legs session can take 40 minutes.

How often should I have each session?

Our specialists will advise you about the treatment frequency according its development as the same.

Normally the sessions are increasingly spaced temporarily. Generally in facial zones we suggest to do the first sessions each 20 to 30 days and body zones approximately each 5 weeks.

How do the IPL and the e-light radiofrequency interact?

The Intense Pulsed Light with the radiofrequency are complemented to supply a safe, painless and more effective photoepilation that will act over the hair in growing phase, most hair is gonna fall in few days or weeks after first session while the other part is gonna grow normally. Generally, from first session some hair removed and slow growing can be seen.

Many hairs will grow after first session because there is no hair in the same cycle phase and we must wait to be treated in next sessions. So in each session there will be some hair in repose and others in growing. This process must be repeated, so the light can act over all the hair and can remove it.

Treatment duration depends on specific features of each person. If you have a lot of hair in treated zone, probably you have a lot of folicles that requires more sessions, also if you have a slow pilose cycle may be a lot of folicles can't be seen in first sessions. Folicles are weakened during the treatment sessions so the hair will grow slowly, weak and thin. So normally the sessions must be increasingly spaced temporarily. Our specialists will advise you about the treatment frequency according its development as the same.

Could full body be treated?

Practically full body could be treated except head (scalp), bottom of eyebrows and genitals for men and women, the last specifically in outer labia.

Could men be treated?

To believe hair removal is exclusive for a gender is a mistake because every day there are more men applying it.

Swimmers, cyclists, sportsmen until now were the group with most demand, but currently this group is growing with men focused on take care of their image and aesthetics. Zones with high demand to hair removal are back, shoulders, neck, brows to mention a few.

Often only want to reduce the hair quantity but don't want remove hair completely such as the chest or beard area, it can be gotten easily through IPL. Irritation will be a topic of the past!

Habitually the start diagnostic is done in a zone, through the gotten results and the comfort that were experimented usually the treatment continues with more various zones. It's important to adjust the treatment and the sessions for wished reduction by the man.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment is practically painless because our systems integrate the radiofrecuency with common IPL treatment and also the freezer contained in hand piece they give a better skin protection so the treatment is safer and comfortable. According the skin sensibility of each person, the sensation can be painless or a soft hit like a little elastic band.

Can I depilate during treatment?

Sure, you can do it using hair removal cream, razor or any method that only cuts the hair at flush, you must never remove hair from root so you can't remove har with pliers, wax or another method that remove hair from root because the folicle would be empty, without hair and it's the heat conductor to hair removal. This allows to gather a important great quantity of folicles in anagen phase and the session will be effective.

Are there side effects?

The treatments does not usually have significant side effects. Some times, people with sensitive skin can get a reddish looks of skin (similar to sun exposure) but it disappears in first hours.

It consists about an established technology, but is mandatory that treatments have to be applied by persons with right training.

If I have bumps on skin Can I get the treatment?

Of course you can, the treatment could be the best and the easiest way to eradicate it.

The light ray sent by dispositive is absorbed by the melanine of the hair, producing heat and it destroys the surrounding cells that cause growing. You will be able to see the results since first session.

Is the treatment effective?

The depilation has 95% of effectivity, currently there is no technology removing hair definitive at 100%,complete hair removal is very probable through IPL+RF.

Hair can grow again as in any other treatment (laser or IPL), if there are important homornal changes in body, may be apregnancy, the onset of menopause, hormonal alterations by some sickness, to mention some.



Before treatment:

You don't need previous preparation or special care but you should apply some cautions to reduce risks and maximize the treatment efficacy.

Avoid sun exposure, Avoid sun exposure, you must not take UVA/UVB rays and must not use self-tanning cream during two weeks before treatment.

Avoid decoloration, dyed, remove hair with pliers, wax or another method that remove hair from root during four weeks before of treatment's start neither during it between sessions.

You can continue shaving two or three days before treatment, it requires a little of hair in growing to evaluate density hair correctly and check the progress, ideally is 1-2 mm of hair lenght to apply each session.

Avoid use of exfoliating products that contains acid one week before treatment.

Don't use makeup or deodorant in zones to treat in treatment day.

Before to treatment's start, a specialist will advise and will explain if you have any doubt.

After treatment:

You don't need special care and you will be able to do immediately your activities without any problem if you follow the next instructions:
  • Use a sun blocker from start to finish of treatment, you must avoid completely sun exposure if is possible.
  • Don't use aggressive products for skin in posterior days after session, deodorant containing alcohol, exfoliating products, to mention some.
  • Avoid heat exposure for treated zone during 24 hours.
  • Don't practice excercises neither sports at least for 24 hours. Sweat could produce skin irritation in zone treated.
  • Apply suggested cream or gel during the 1-3 next days after treatment.
  • Avoid adjusted clothes.
  • Make exfoliation in treated zone all the days, starting in the 7 day after treatment. 10 to 14 days after visit us, the hair root will be visible and the exfoliation helps removing hair.

Please follow instructions for post care, we will remind you this at first treatment day.


The reasons that don't allow the treatment's start are listed below:
  • The tanned skin or the exposed sun skin or the skin exposed to UVB/UVA rays in the last week.
  • Pregnancy, lactancy, photosensibility (chronic, caused by sickness or drugs), epilepsy, infections, fever, tumoral process, to mention some.

A specialist will make you a questionnaire and will resolve your doubts.