Cavitation: liposuction without surgery


If I have varicose veins or poor blood circulation: ¿is the cavitation recommendable?
When there are varicose veins normally the fat zones are not in varicose veins region so in this cases the treatment can be made in zones as abs, wings, hips and thighs (if there would be varicose veins in treatment it would be conflicting because the cavitation increases the temperature for treated zone).

Could people with very severe overweight use this treatment?
When there is overweight the best is to make diet on a par because the result is more and stable.
When there is severe overweight, there is no only located fat (cellulitis), but adipose tissue increases all levels even Intra-abdominal.

In what cases are not recommended the cavitation?

Cavitation must not be applied for:

- Patients with several sicknesses, cancer, autoimmune sicknesses, specially the connective tissue.
- Pregnant women.
- Overweight patients (without diet and without excercise).

Are there side effects?
Mild bruising can appear with the infiltration, even a small capillary could be broken during the treatment.

How long time takes the cavitation effect in skin?
Duration is variable and depends on way life of persons, if they have physical activity, balanced diet, to mention some. Depending patients, a maintenance is required each month or two months.

Does cavitation work without diet?
If the patient is in ideal weight and has only small accumulations of fat, great results can be gotten.

Comparing cavitation against the most invasive techniques to remove fat as liposuction. What treatment will have more visible results?
The liposuction is a surgical technique for extrating adipocytes, it reduces definitivelly the fat. Even though its efficacy is better than cavitation is a surgical technique and produces inactivity days.

Besides removing fat and volume. Does the cavitation have some effect on the skin?
To produce heating of the skin, we increase the formation of new collagen, elastic fibers, which improves the sagging, and general stress of the skin in the treated area.

Is possible make physical excercise during the cavitation treatment?
Physical excercise must be practiced mandatory and paused to help to remove the fat that has been traumatized by the kidneys.

Do you have to make some care before or after cavitation?
Previously, we must get a fat profile, you must reduce the consume of foods rich in fat and carbohydrates and also drink plenty of fluids before and especially after treatment. After therapy you must practice some moderate physical exercise to help eliminate fat.